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Terrafame's media release related to the company's performance, production, financing arrangements and ownership.

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News mainly concern nearby area, such as the progress of licensing processes and the publication of environmental monitoring reports.

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Media releases
26.10.2020 at 09.00
Environment Financing Interim reports Personnel Safety

Net sales in January–September 2020 totalled EUR 234.6 million – EBITDA decreased due to maintenance shutdown

Media releases
21.10.2020 at 10.30
Cooperation Environment Personnel

Terrafame has signed the UN Global Compact initiative

Media releases
19.10.2020 at 14.00
Interim reports

Terrafame Ltd publishes its January—September 2020 result on 26 October 2020

Media releases
28.08.2020 at 09.00
Financing Production

New financing package from the owners for Terrafame’s development

Media releases
05.08.2020 at 08.01
Cooperation Environment Media releases Production

Terrafame's heat production CO2 emissions will soon decrease by 90 percent – again new investments in Sotkamo area

Media releases
24.07.2020 at 09.00
Interim reports Media releases Production Safety

Net sales in January–June 2020 totalled EUR 172.6 million ̶ EBITDA increased significantly year-on-year