Report malpractices

At Terrafame, our culture is built on our shared values of safety, commitment and efficiency. We will always act in accordance with our values and Code of Conduct.

If you have a concern related to our activities and you would like us to take action, you can report your concern using the whistleblowing channel provided on this site. Reports about the activities of Terrafame Ltd is welcome internally from employees working at the industrial site and externally from individuals and communities.

Report processing

The whistleblower shall receive an acknowledgment of receipt within seven days of the notification. Also, the whistleblower is entitled to get notification about what kind of actions or decisions have been made based on the report within three months. If no action follows from the report, the whistleblower will also be informed of this.


The report can be given openly under your own name or anonymously. In order to enable absolute confidentiality, our partner is responsible for handling cases that come to the whistleblowing channel.

Make a report