Responsibility requires integrated policies for everyone. Terrafame's Code of Conduct sets out general responsibilities and duties, which are spelled out in the Company's more detailed policies and guidelines.

Terrafame’s Code of Conduct is based on the company’s vision and corporate culture. The Code compiles the rules for the way of working at Terrafame and it applies to all Terrafame’s employees and its business partners. The Code provides the general responsibilities, which are further defined in the more detailed and subject-specific policies and standards of Terrafame. The practical application of the Code is supported by the company’s management system and specific instructions.

In safety, our goal is to ensure a safe and healthy working environment and safe working methods. Our permanent goal is zero accidents. We are also committed to constantly improving our environmental performance, managing of the risks related to our operations and reducing our environmental impacts.

Our operations must always be conducted in a responsible and transparent manner. We inform our employees, partners, neighbours and stakeholders openly and honestly about our mining and production activities and their impacts.

We also aim at profitability and productivity in our operations. This way we are able to offer long-term industrial employment, thereby improving the well-being.

Policies that applies Terrafame's and its partner companies' personnel

Terrafame's Code of Conduct pdf
Sustainability policy pdf
Human rights policy pdf
Remuneration policy pdf
Communications policy (internal)  
Quality policy (internal)  
Hedging policy (internal)  
Information security policy (internal)  
Tax policy (internal)  


Report malpractices

If a person working in an industrial site or a community or an individual outside the site observes activity contrary to Terrafame's policies, the Company provides a feedback channel for reporting on concerns. More information about the reporting channel is available here.