Reducing transport emissions one battery at a time

Mitigating climate change is absolutely necessary. The materialisation of extreme phenomena and other threats caused by climate change is a major risk to society. Terrafame promotes cleaner transport and the transition towards a lower-emission society. This is our contribution to combatting climate change.

Our sustainability work is guided by the UN Global Compact commitment, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) Standard of the Finnish Network for Sustainable Mining, the current Corporate Governance Code of the Securities Market Association, and the company’s own policies and operating principles.

Terrafame has integrated sustainability into its business operations. In practice, this means day-to-day responsibility for matters related to safety, the environment and stakeholders, as well as compliance with good governance. We are all responsible for operating sustainably.

Our sustainability programme for 2020–2024 sets us an ambitious goal: to take care of our immediate environment while promoting sustainable development globally.

We are building a sustainable battery value chain

Sustainability and continuous improvement are the starting point for all activities for Terrafame. In 2020, we further
developed our systematic approach to continuous improvement, as well as its monitoring, by compiling our sustainability measures and targets into a sustainability programme for 2020–2024. Terrafame's Board of Directors has approved the Sustainability Programme.

Terrafame has a comprehensive approach to sustainability incorporating the environment, social responsibility, and good  governance. The themes of our sustainability programme are linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals as far as applicable. We are also committed to the UN Global Compact initiative, which provides an internationally approved framework for demonstrating sustainability. The initiative’s ten principles are based on international human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption agreements.

In addition, all Terrafame employees, partner companies and service and needs suppliers must comply with Terrafame's Code of Conduct and Sustainability Policy. Practical implementation of the policy is supported by Terrafame's Certified Management System (ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001) and more detailed operating instructions.


The goals of the sustainability programme

Environmental responsibility

  • We are combatting climate change together with our EV-producing clients.
  • Our production will be carbon neutral by 2039.
  • We utilize the side streams from production efficiently.
  • We minimize our emissions and impacts on waters and lakes.

Social responsibility

  • Terrafame is a safe place to work for both our own and our partners' personnel.
  • We support and respect human rights and labour rights in our own operations. We require the same from our business partners.
  • We are continuously developing our personnel’s skills and possibilities to succeed.
  • We engage in active dialogue with our stakeholders.

Good governance

  • Terrafame’s operations are transparent.
  • We ensure the compliance of our operations.
  • Terrafame has a strong culture of doing the right things.
  • Operations are based on continuous improvement and decisions are made based on facts.