Terrafame produces battery chemicals for rapidly increasing electric motoring

Company's key competitive advantages include the world’s smallest carbon footprint for nickel, a traceable production chain, Europe’s largest nickel reserves, modern laboratory services, and logistics services that ensure purity.

Terrafame uses a unique bioleaching method to produce nickel sulphate. The carbon footprint of its nickel sulphate is 60% lower than that of corresponding products on average. Terrafame’s production site includes the whole chain: a mine, a battery chemicals plant and logistics services.

Key figures for 2021

Net sales
378.4 M€
EBITDA, excl. nonrecurring items
24.2 M€
6.4 %
Operating result excl. non-recurring items
-22.4 M€
Number of own personnel at the end of the year
Total personnel on the industrial site, around

A major turnaround in transport

Cleaner transport is the goal towards which we work every day. It is also the goal of our customers and their customers. Achieving this goal is a key step towards stopping climate change.

A turnaround of the century has taken place in motoring. Motorists around the world are moving rapidly towards low-emission transport. In Norway, we have already witnessed a calendar month during which 95% of the new cars registered were electric. Globally, electric car sales increased by more than 130% during the first eight months of 2021.

Terrafame has also completed a unique transition to become a battery chemicals manufacturer. We provide our global customers in the electric car cluster with battery chemicals that take sustainability in the industry to a new level.

The carbon footprint of our nickel sulphate is more than 60% lower than the industry average. This is made possible by our bioleaching method. We are the only operator in the world to use the method at an industrial scale. Thanks to bioleaching, our process consumes around 90% less energy than production in the industry on average.

What is also unique is that we can ensure product traceability for our customers, meaning that they can verify the sustainability of battery chemicals. This is because our entire process – from the mine to the chemicals plant and container packing that ensures purity – takes place on the same site.

Global car manufacturers and other customers can also rely on our long-term cooperation. One of the world’s largest battery chemicals plants and one of Europe’s largest nickel reserves ensure our delivery capacity.

However, our main strength is our desire to continuously develop our expertise. We have developed many unique solutions, but that is not enough. We want to develop further to stay ahead. Our committed and dedicated employees and partners are always looking for new ways of developing the battery value chain.

The smallest carbon footprint in the industry, a traceable production chain, reliable deliveries and an endless desire for renewal – these help us contribute to building cleaner transport together with our customers.  Sustainably.

Joni Lukkaroinen