Safety and management systems


It is important to us to provide our employees and partners with a safe working environment. Our permanent goal is zero accidents, which is why we are constantly seeking to improve safety and reduce accidents and near misses.

The work carried out on our production sites involves demanding processes, chemicals, metal ore and large machines and equipment. These must be considered when it comes to safety.

We take safety issues into account proactively, as early as in the planning stage. An assignment is only implemented if it can be carried out safely.

All the people working at or visiting our site and facilities must strictly comply with all the safety guidelines provided. We take care of our own and our colleagues’ safety. We immediately address any failure to comply with safety guidelines.

We examine the root causes of hazards and reports on incidents and continue to develop best safety practices based on our own and reported observations.

Management systems

Terrafame has certified quality, safety and environmental management systems in place (ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001).  Read more Responsibility management