Become our sustainable partner!

Sustainable partners that provide services to Terrafame make up half of our success. The number of partner companies’ employees working daily on our industrial site is roughly equal to the number of our own employees.

Our partners play a key role in delivering on our customer promise to produce battery chemicals responsibly. That is why our partners comply with our Code of Conduct and policies in the same way as our own employees.

Our partners work safely, act ethically and develop operations in the same manner as we do. If this was not the case, Terrafame would not operate fully in accordance with its goals.

Our partners comply with the legislation on occupational health and safety. They also comply with all national and international regulations concerning ethical and responsible business operations, such as the prevention of bribery, corruption and illegal work.

The development of partner companies’ safety culture has been a special priority for us. We have also achieved visible results in this respect. We are continuing safety culture development in a project that aims to develop operating models for our company to ensure the continuous improvement of safety at work and reliable production.

We encourage those interested in a partnership with us to study our operating principles, sustainability policy and other guidelines for our procurement.

Terms of procurement for our partners

Sign up for our electronic procurement system

Terrafame organises competitive bidding processes and receives tenders through Noventia’s electronic procurement system.

Partner companies and prospective partners must register as Terrafame’s suppliers by providing background information in the procurement system through the link below. 

Easy tender submission and management

We inform our approved business partners about requests for tenders related to the special expertise of each partner. Approved partners can respond to requests for tender using an electronic form. The tenderer’s information is stored in the system and is therefore continuously available for submitting tenders. Our partners can also easily manage their tenders in the same system.

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