Basic stock information

Share capital of Terrafame Ltd is EUR 2,000,000 and number of shares were 4,988,040 in 31 December 2021.

Shareholders' holdings

As of December 31 2021, the shareholders' holdings were divided as follows:

  • Suomen Malmijalostus Oy (Finnish Minerals Group) 67.1%
  • Galena funds (Trafigura) 31.1%
  • Sampo plc 1.8%

Shareholder agreement

A shareholder agreement on the use of proprietary rights and decision-making at the company has been concluded between the company’s shareholders.

The major shareholders of the company submit their proposals for the composition of the Board in accordance with the shareholder agreement. hus, Suomen Malmijalostus Oy (Finnish Minerals Group) has the right to nominate candidates for up to five Board positions, and the Galena funds have the right to nominate candidates for up to two Board positions.

The shareholder agreement for the company has also agreed to establish three advisory committees:

  • The Commercial Committee is assessing, monitoring, planning and obtaining information about the company's commercially significant matters.
  • The Technical Committee is evaluating, monitoring, planning and obtaining information on current affairs related to the company's development projects, the operations of the mine and metals production plant and the company's development projects.
  • The Financial Committee is assessing and monitoring the company's financial position and planning, preparing and obtaining information on projects aimed at improving it.

The members of the committees shall be appointed in the procedure under the shareholder agreement. The committees act in accordance with separate rules of procedure established by the Board. No independent decision-making or representation powers within the company have been assigned to the committees.