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Terrafame's media release related to the company's performance, production, financing arrangements and ownership.

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News mainly concern nearby area, such as the progress of licensing processes and the publication of environmental monitoring reports.

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Media releases
07.09.2018 at 08.18

Work does not discriminate at Terrafame

Media releases
01.08.2018 at 17.43

The third hydrogen sulphide production line goes into production

Media releases
27.07.2018 at 10.00
Interim reports Media releases Terrafame

Terrafame’s net sales in H1 totalled EUR 162.4 million – positive EBITDA and operating result

Media releases
18.06.2018 at 11.43
Interim reports Terrafame

Publishing of first half 2018 financial report on 27 July

Media releases
31.05.2018 at 14.26

Terrafame hires around 90 summer employees

Media releases
18.05.2018 at 11.14
Finnish Minerals Group Media releases Terrafame Group

Terrafame Group’s mission and name to change

Media releases
02.05.2018 at 13.02
Interim reports Media releases Terrafame

Terrafame’s net sales continued to grow – EBITDA of first quarter totalled EUR 9.8 million

Media releases
02.05.2018 at 08.00
Environment Terrafame Terrafame Group

Annual Report 2017 has been published