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Terrafame's media release related to the company's performance, production, financing arrangements and ownership.

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News mainly concern nearby area, such as the progress of licensing processes and the publication of environmental monitoring reports.

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Media releases
05.03.2020 at 16.02
Media releases Production

Terrafame’s Financial Review 2019 is published

Media releases
21.02.2020 at 09.00
Environment Interim reports Production Safety

Terrafame’s net sales in 2019 totalled EUR 310.4 million – EBITDA for the year was at the 2018 level

Media releases
06.02.2020 at 13.48
Media releases Production

Government grants uranium recovery permit to Terrafame

Media releases
13.01.2020 at 08.00
Cooperation Environment Production

Terrafame will recover excess energy of its hydrogen plants – technology is used in a new way

Media releases
24.10.2019 at 12.00
Environment Interim reports Media releases Production Safety

Terrafame’s net sales in January–September 2019 were EUR 243.6 million – EBITDA 29% in July–September

Media releases
15.08.2019 at 12.00

New appointment to the Terrafame Management Team

Media releases
17.07.2019 at 09.00
Interim reports

Terrafame Ltd publishes its January-June 2019 result on Friday 26 July 2019