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Terrafame's media release related to the company's performance, production, financing arrangements and ownership.

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News mainly concern nearby area, such as the progress of licensing processes and the publication of environmental monitoring reports.

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20.06.2022 at 09.01

The Regional State Administrative Agency for Northern Finland issues its decision on Terrafame’s master permit

Today, the Regional State Administrative Agency for Northern Finland issued its ...

20.06.2022 at 09.00

Terrafame submits its environmental permit application for Kolmisoppi to the Regional State Administrative Agency for Northern Finland

There are two verified ore deposits within Terrafame’s mining concession: Kuusil...

16.06.2022 at 10.00

Terrafame’s Sustainability Review published

WEB NEWS Terrafame has published its Sustainability Review 2021, which describes...

Media releases
22.04.2022 at 09.00

Terrafame’s operating result increased to EUR 13.5 million

(The financial information presented about Terrafame Ltd in this bulletin consis...

Media releases
11.04.2022 at 10.30

Terrafame Ltd publishes its January—March 2022 result on 22 April

Terrafame Ltd publishes its January–March result on Friday 22 April 2022 approxi...

08.04.2022 at 10.57

TEST: Renault Group to partner with Terrafame for sustainable nickel supply

Tässä on paikka ingressille jos sellainen tulevaisuudessa otetaan käyttöön. Allekirjoitetun aiesopimuksen mukaisesti Terrafame toimittaa Renault-konsernin sähköautoihin vähähiilistä ja täysin jäljitettävissä olevaa nikkelisulfaattia.

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30.03.2022 at 13.00

Terrafame’s Financial Review 2021 is published

NEWS Terrafame Ltd’s Financial Review 2021 has been published today. The Financi...

Media releases
04.03.2022 at 09.00

Terrafame’s net sales in 2021 increased to EUR 378.4 million – The ramp-up of the battery chemicals plant continues

MEDIA RELEASE October–December 2021 in brief Ramp-up of the battery chemical...

Media releases
04.03.2022 at 08.59

Terrafame's environmental provision to increase considerably – has a significant impact on the operating result for 2021

MEDIA RELEASE Terrafame estimates that it will receive a new environmental permi...

Media releases
01.03.2022 at 15.00

Terrafame concludes change negotiations carried out in accordance with the Finnish Co-operation Act

In 2021, Terrafame carried out a significant investment when it launched its new...