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Quarterly Business Reviews in 2024

The company publishes its results quarterly:

  • January–March on 26 April 2024
  • January–June on 6 July 2024
  • January–September on 25 October 2024

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Media releases
28.08.2017 at 14.15

Terrafame to improve efficiency after the ramp-up has stabilised

Media releases
25.08.2017 at 10.00
Environment Terrafame

EIA report on Terrafame’s mining operations published

Media releases
15.08.2017 at 17.34
Environment R&D Terrafame

Test operations on the dumping and possible utilisation of waste rock have begun

Media releases
08.08.2017 at 11.55
Cooperation Terrafame

Terrafame to cheer Sotkamon Jymy in a charity game on 20 August

Media releases
04.08.2017 at 15.33
Environment Terrafame

A momentary discharge caused by human error from the mining site towards Pirttipuro