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Quarterly Business Reviews in 2024

The company publishes its results quarterly:

  • January–March on 26 April 2024
  • January–June on 6 July 2024
  • January–September on 25 October 2024

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Media releases
23.11.2017 at 11.55
R&D Terrafame

Exploratory drilling starts in secondary leaching area

Media releases
22.11.2017 at 16.38

Members of Parliament from Oulu constituency visit Terrafame

Media releases
10.11.2017 at 10.25
Financing Media releases Production Terrafame

Terrafame Ltd. plans nickel and cobalt chemicals production for battery applications

Media releases
10.11.2017 at 10.06
Financing Media releases Production Terrafame Group

New private financing for Terrafame to support future investments

Media releases
31.10.2017 at 10.24
Media releases Terrafame

Terrafame submitted its application to the Finnish government for a permit to recover uranium