Published on 17.01.2024 at 09.00

Terrafame’s CEO Joni Lukkaroinen to step down

Terrafame Ltd’s Board of Directors and CEO Joni Lukkaroinen have agreed that Lukkaroinen will step down from his current position. Mr Lukkaroinen has served as Terrafame’s CEO since 2016.

The Board of Directors has appointed Seppo Voutilainen as the interim CEO of Terrafame, effective immediately. Mr Voutilainen has served as a member of the Leadership Team and as Chief Production Officer at Terrafame since September 2020, and will continue in the latter role in addition to assuming his duties as the interim CEO.

“Joni Lukkaroinen has served as Terrafame’s CEO for nearly eight years. This period has included both the successful ramp-up of Terrafame’s operations in the early years of the company and Terrafame transforming to a battery chemicals producer to enable the electrification of transportation. I would like to thank Joni for his committed and good work in leading Terrafame to become the company it is today.

Terrafame is moving on to the next phase of its development. Terrafame has one of the world’s largest battery chemicals plants, and an essential part of our strategy is to strengthen Terrafame’s leading role as a partner for the global battery industry. The Board of Directors has estimated that taking the company to the next phase of development also requires a new type of CEO,” says Lauri Ratia, Chairman of Terrafame Ltd’s Board of Directors.

Terrafame’s Board of Directors has initiated a search for a new CEO.

For further information, please contact:
Lauri Ratia, Terrafame Ltd, Chairman of the Board of Directors, tel. +358 50 2922, ratia(at)

Terrafame enhances low-carbon mobility by delivering responsibly produced battery chemicals to the global battery industry. One of the world’s largest production lines for chemicals used in electric car batteries is located on Terrafame’s industrial site. The plant is capable of producing nickel sulphate for around 1 million electric cars per year. The carbon footprint of the nickel sulphate produced by Terrafame is among the smallest in the industry.

Terrafame’s integrated, unique and energy-efficient production process from the mine to battery chemicals is located on a single industrial site. It provides customers with a transparent, traceable and truly European battery chemical supply chain.

Terrafame Ltd was founded in 2015. Its net sales in 2022 were EUR 584 million. Around 1,500 people work on its industrial site, half of whom are employees of partner companies.