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Quarterly Business Reviews in 2024

The company publishes its results quarterly:

  • January–March on 26 April 
  • January–June on 26 July 
  • January–September on 25 October

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Media releases
05.04.2024 at 10.02

Terrafame to bring its battery chemicals plant to a halt due to the national strikes in Finland

Terrafame has decided to bring the company’s battery chemicals plant to a halt f...

Media releases
05.04.2024 at 10.00

Terrafame concluded its change negotiations

In February 2024, Terrafame announced that it had decided to initiate a profitab...

Media releases
22.03.2024 at 08.00

Seppo Voutilainen appointed as Terrafame’s CEO

Terrafame Ltd’s Board of Directors has appointed M.Sc. (Eng.) Seppo Voutilainen ...

Media releases
21.03.2024 at 12.00

Change in Board of Directors of Terrafame Ltd

Terrafame Ltd’s Annual General Meeting on 20 March 2024 decided to elect Peter S...

Media releases
01.03.2024 at 09.00

Terrafame 2023: The operating result decreased in a challenging market, but basic production continued close to a record level

The financial information presented about Terrafame Ltd in this media release co...