Published on 06.02.2020 at 13.48

Government grants uranium recovery permit to Terrafame

The Finnish Government has today, 6 February 2020, decided to grant a uranium recovery permit to Terrafame. The company submitted the permit application for uranium recovery under the Nuclear Energy Act (990/1987) to the Finnish Government on 30 October 2017. Terrafame already has the necessary chemicals permit and environmental permit.

The process of getting the uranium recovery plant ready for use will take approximately one year, during which time the plant’s organisation will also be built. However, as the Government decision is subject to appeal at the Supreme Administrative Court of Finland, Terrafame estimates it will take approximately 2 years until the permit has legal force.


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CEO Joni Lukkaroinen, Terrafame Ltd, p.  +358 20 7130 800 (switchboard), joni.lukkaroinen(at)

Picture of Terrafame's uranium recovery plant. Click to enlarge.

Terrafame Ltd is a Finnish multi-metal company producing nickel, zinc, cobalt and copper at its mine and metals production plant located in Sotkamo, Finland. With the battery chemicals plant currently being built, our main product, nickel-cobalt sulfide, can be processed into nickel and cobalt sulphates that are suitable for electric vehicle batteries. Our aim is to conduct environmentally sustainable, safe and profitable operations.

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