Terrafame has opened a stakeholder survey on its human rights impacts 27.5.2021 10:35

At Terrafame we have integrated sustainability into our business: our purpose is to enhance low-carbon mobility with responsible battery chemicals. We acknowledge the comprehensive value of good corporate citizenship and we are committed to the continuous improvement of our operations.

Terrafame’s parent company, the Finnish Minerals Group, has launched a survey to map out what human rights risks are related to its operations. As part of this project, Terrafame, too, has opened a survey in order to gather information and insights as to how Terrafame can further incorporate human rights aspects into its operations.

By completing this survey, you will provide valuable information on the views and expectations of our stakeholders regarding Terrafame's human rights aspects.

The survey has been closed on 11 June 2021.

Thank you for your participation!


Additional information:

Veli-Matti Hilla, Chief Sustainability Officer, Terrafame Ltd, p. +358 20 7130 800 (switchboard)



Terrafame’s purpose is to enhance low-carbon mobility with responsible battery chemicals. Terrafame’s integrated production process – which begins in its own mine and ends with battery chemicals on one industrial site – is a unique and energy-efficient production chain that provides customers with battery chemicals that have a markedly smaller carbon footprint compared to the industry average.

Terrafame Ltd was founded in 2015. Its net sales in 2020 were EUR 338 million, and around 2,000 people worked in its industrial area, of which contractors and subcontractors accounted for just over half. www.terrafame.com

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