Terrafame files a supplemented environmental permit application 30.7.2018

Terrafame has provided the Northern Finland Regional State Administrative Agency (RSAA) with supplements to the environmental permit application covering the company's entire operation. The supplements include detailed process descriptions requested by the permitting authority and plans, which have now been completed, for new production areas.

The supplements have been attached to the permit application and also the text of the application has been updated. The application and its attachments constitute a material package of a considerable file size. In the next phase, the permitting authority will examine the material it has received. Later, it will gather statements and opinions on the environmental permit application.

Terrafame submitted an application for an environmental permit regarding its entire operation to the Northern Finland Regional State Administrative Agency (RSAA) in August 2017. In the spring of 2018, the permitting authority made requests for further information to the company, which have now been answered. Currently valid environmental permits are maintained until the entry into force of a new permit, thereby enabling the responsible continuation and development of operations.


Terrafame Ltd is a Finnish multi-metal company producing nickel, zinc, cobalt and copper at its mine and metals production plant located in Sotkamo, Finland. Our aim is to conduct environmentally sustainable, safe and profitable operations. www.terrafame.com

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