Battery chemicals plant progresses to Environmental Impact Assessment 20.3.2018 15:38

Terrafame is beginning preparations for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the battery chemicals plant it is planning to establish. Before the EIA procedure, a preliminary consultation will be organised between the key authorities and Terrafame. Involving stakeholders in the assessment work is also an essential part of the EIA procedure, which is why the company has convened an EIA monitoring group.

In the first phase of the EIA procedure, an EIA programme will be prepared for the battery chemicals plant, detailing the project and its options and describing the current state of the environment related to the project. In addition, the programme stage will include a proposal on the environmental impacts to be assessed and a plan on how the effects will be investigated.

In the second phase, an EIA report on the battery chemicals plant will be prepared, describing the results of the assessment specified in the programme phase and evaluating the feasibility of the EIA project. The EIA will end with a reasoned conclusion provided by the coordinating authority.

“Environmental Impact Assessment is an important step in the process of preparing a battery chemicals plant. During the evaluation, we will have valuable dialogue with plant designers, the experts in charge of assessing the environmental impacts, the authorities and stakeholders,” says Terrafame's Chief Sustainability Officer Veli-Matti Hilla.

As in the past, Terrafame has invited the company's key stakeholders, such as representatives of the relevant authorities, municipalities, neighbours, entrepreneurs and the local district nature conservation organisation to participate in the monitoring group. The purpose of the group is to promote the flow and exchange of information between the various parties.

In November 2017, Terrafame announced its plan to invest in the production of battery chemicals for electric car batteries. At the same time, the company announced that it had negotiated private financing of USD 200 million for the planning and construction of the plant. Terrafame aims to make an investment decision on the battery chemicals plant in the first half of 2018, when detailed plans and estimates have been completed.


Further information:
Veli-Matti Hilla, Chief Sustainability Officer, Terrafame Ltd, veli-matti.hilla(at)
Katri Kauppila, Chief Communications Officer, Terrafame Ltd, katri.kauppila(at)

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