A rescue exercise for smoke divers in realistic conditions 27.11.2017 15:51

Terrafame’s fire brigade and the Kainuu Regional Rescue Authority organised a partly joint rescue drill at Pirttimäki, about 10 kilometres from Terrafame's site, during the weekend. During the drill, the buildings in an old derelict school courtyard were burnt in a controlled manner, one room and building at a time.

According to Terrafame’s rescue supervisor Ari-Pekka Pappila, the drill proceeded as planned, and the weekend was a good exercise for smoke divers in particular. Their task was to enter the burning space in pairs, locate a dummy victim and perform the required extinguishing. The drill also included testing of a thermal camera attached to the rescuer’s compressed air mask, providing visibility even in difficult conditions. Immediately after the drill, each pair received feedback on their actions from their trainers.

Smoke divers are appointed annually on the basis of testing and training. The test section includes testing of both physical and psychological fitness. Firefighters must be physically very fit to be able to carry and use the heavy equipment, which weighs 25 to 30 kilos, and mental stamina is required to operate even in confined spaces despite the heat. In addition, smoke divers are required to participate in training every year in circumstances that are as realistic as possible.

Since the beginning of 2017, Terrafame and Kainuu Regional Rescue Authority have had a cooperation agreement, under which the Terrafame’s fire brigade and its equipment can be utilised even outside the site for various rescue missions. Terrafame, on the other hand, receives support for rescue work from the Kainuu Regional Rescue Authority. In addition, joint drills are organised.


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