Terrafame submits a smelter supplement to the EIA procedure for mining operations 12.5.2017 10:06

The Kainuu Centre of Economic Development, Transport and the Environment has today made Terrafame Ltd’s smelter-related supplement to the EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) procedure available for public viewing. Terrafame aims to explore a smelter option as a potential downstream process for a roaster to increase the nickel value.

During the first months of 2017, Terrafame has specified its plans regarding the possibilities of further processing of products, and the smelter alternative has come up as a potential downstream process for a roaster. The roaster and smelter form an entity, whose impacts the company wants to assess in the same EIA process. 

The smelter-related supplement of the EIA programme is available for public viewing on the website of environmental administration for 30 days, and comments on it can be submitted to the Kainuu Centre of Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. The supplement can also be found on Terrafame’s website (link below, in Finnish only).

Terrafame is carrying out two EIAs during 2016 and 2017. One of them relates to the development and alternative closing down of mining operations, while the other one relates to water management at the site. The reports related to the EIA procedures will be attached later to Terrafame’s environmental permit application.


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Smelter supplement submitted by Terrafame (in Finnish only)

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