Terrafame receives certification for its quality, environmental and safety management systems 8.3.2017 08:04

DQS Finland as an independent external company has audited the management system of Terrafame Ltd. and, based on the audit, certification has been granted to Terrafame’s management systems for quality, the environment and occupational health and safety. The certification is proof that Terrafame uses and applies practices and methods that comply with international standards.

The more systematic development of Terrafame’s management system was initiated in early 2016. During 2016, the organisation as a whole took part in clarifying and describing the way that work is carried out, as well as the division of roles and responsibilities at the company. Cooperation with external service providers has also been incorporated in the quality assurance work.

“Working in compliance with international standards requires strong commitment and bearing of responsibility from our management, personnel and partners. Our objective is to continuously improve the productivity of our operations and safety at work,” says CEO Joni Lukkaroinen.

The scope of Terrafame’s certified management systems includes the mining of metal ore, the bioleaching and metals production, and global marketing, i.e. the company’s activities as a whole. The standards also serve as guidelines in the holistic, process-based development of operations.

“The improvements we have achieved with regards to environmental matters and safety at work, for example, are concrete evidence of our systematic efforts. Building a management system and receiving certification for it provides a good foundation for future development at Terrafame,” says Chief Sustainability Officer Veli-Matti Hilla.

Terrafame’s overall management system comprises the following three sub-areas:

  • Quality management – Terrafame’s quality management system meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 : 2015 standard.
  • Environmental management – Terrafame’s environmental management system meets the requirements of the ISO 14 001 : 2015 standard.
  • Occupational health and safety management – Terrafame’s occupational health and safety management system meets the requirements of the BS OHSAS 18001: 2007 standard.

The International Organization for Standardization ISO published the revised ISO 9001 and ISO 14 001 standards in autumn 2015, and Terrafame is one of the first companies in Finland to have been certified under the new standards.


Further information:

Joni Lukkaroinen, CEO, Terrafame Ltd., tel. +358 50 5900 720

Veli-Matti Hilla, Chief Sustainability Officer, Terrafame Ltd., tel. +358 40 5699 906


Terrafame Ltd. is a Finnish multi-metal company producing nickel, zinc and cobalt at its mine and metals production plant located in Sotkamo. Our aim is to conduct environmentally sustainable, safe and profitable operations.

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